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This product is a divisive one at Uphill Both Ways headquarters. One co-host likes them a lot, the other can't stand them. What do you think of circus peanuts candy?


In episode #31, the guys share memories of meeting celebrities and try to define what it means to actually "meet" one. The wind the show up with a few rounds of "Make Me Choose" and both Joseph and Mike have a hard time making a decision on a couple of them. Give it a listen!
Lunar Lander - quite possibly one of the most frustrating quarter-eating games of the golden age of arcade games. Hear Mike and Joseph's thoughts about it, and other games, in episode #30 of Uphill Both Ways.

"Pinball Wizard"

Get those quarters ready, it's time to head back to the arcades of the 70s and 80s and discuss favorite pinball and video games!