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Thursday, November 28, 2019

"I Thank You"

Episode #67

It's the UBW Special Thanksgiving show! After giving some shout-outs to a few things that they are thankful for, Joseph and Mike dive into the Mix-Tape Challenge. Mike had Joe on the ropes with this one, but the music historian pulled it out and delivered a pitch perfect mix-tape of songs that were hits on soundtracks before being on an artist's own album. From there it's on to the main course, and since it's Thanksgiving, that can mean only one thing: turkey! Or, in this case, TURKEYS. As in, cinematic "turkeys" - movies that were so bad they don't even circle back to the "so bad it's good" status! So instead of talking politics or watching football, why not just say "Alexa, play Uphill Both Ways" and then sit back and enjoy while you slip into a tryptophan-induced slumber. This is Turkey Day, UBW style!

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