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Thursday, October 15, 2020

"Psycho Killer"

Episode #90

While it's technically the second of the "UBW Halloween 2020" trilogy, it's the first NEW show due to last episode's updated rerun. So what's in store here? Joseph and Mike talk about their picks for the Mt. Retromore of Horror icons (find out who joins Ric Flair as the second person to make both of their lists), and then it's time for a debate, of sorts. Mike is a fan of slasher movies while Joseph prefers those of the supernatural type, so they go up against one another in an effort to illustrate why their favorite is better and if there's any common ground to be found between the two. Who wins? We won't say, but really - let's face it - you listeners are the REAL winners! Can we get a "heck, yeah!"? Anyone?

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