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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Here's Some News About the Site!

Joseph, Mike, and Bingo the Helper Monkey hope that everyone (who celebrates it), had a great Thanksgiving and (for some), long weekend.  The time for rest is over, however, and we're prepping to debut a couple of new, semi-regular features!

First is Joseph's "7 From the 70s" where he'll muse about seven things from the 70s, all within a certain topic.  For example, his first outing (which we'll be posting soon), will be about Gold Key Comics; specifically, seven different Gold Key comics that he remembers having an impact on him.

Next up is Mike's "8 From the 80s" which is pretty much exactly the same thing, only covering the decade of decadence. Plus, it will have one more entry, but that was obvious given the title, yeah?

There's other ideas floating around that the guys are trying to work out like retro reviews of movies, music, TV shows, video games, and wrestling. So keep checking back to see what we've managed to scrape together - and of course pop by every other Friday when we post the newest episode of the Uphill Both Ways podcast.

Uphill Both Ways - living in the past so you don't have to!

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