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Thursday, January 21, 2021

“A Fun Bunch of Guys from Outer Space”

Episode #97

It's time for a new movie review! But first - Mt. Retromore! Joseph and Mike discuss their top four iconic picks for "Friendly Aliens from TV and Movies". Then it's time to dive right into the new movie "Psycho Goreman" which was written and directed by Steven ("The Void") Kostanski - a fun movie but one that is certainly not for the young ones. But fret not, despite the carnage within the film, everything is kept at the usual "PG" level. Which, now that we think about it, could also stand for "Psycho Goreman". In fact, it DOES stand for that in the movie. Uh-oh - could this be the episode that breaks the rules and changes the game (hopefully not to "Crazy Ball")? Nah, who are we kidding - that's coming in three episodes! Nyuk nyuk!

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