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Saturday, February 20, 2021

We're Still Here!

Things have been a bit of a mess the past couple of weeks.
As you might know, Joseph lives and teaches in South Korea, while Mike lives on the East Coast of the United States - that's something like a 13 hour time difference! As if it wasn't trouble enough to arrange a time to record, Joseph has been without Internet access for the past couple of weeks while the dormitory he lives in is being renovated.  Meanwhile, Mike has been dealing with work, working on Fist of Justice related stuff, and dealing with what seems to be a half foot of snow every week.
Suffice it to say there hasn't been a time to record episode #99 yet and for that we apologize.
We WILL have a new episode soon, we promise.  Until then, we're going to crack the whip on Bingo the helper monkey and ensure that we at least have some fresh content here on the site for you.


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