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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Update and Other Things

Remember the "Bullpen Bulletins" in older Marvel Comics that news items, all preceded by ITEM!?
Yeah, we're borrowing that for this update. 

ITEM! You'll not that we actually missed dropping an episode this week.  Our track record on not missing a show, even if it was a repackaged 'clip show', was something we were proud of. However, Mike has been waylaid by some health problems (thankfully NOT Covid!) and we just haven't been able to record.  We might miss the next episode as well, but hopefully not.

ITEM! We're going to try and get some movie reviews done and posted so we can at least provide a little new content for you in the absence of a new episode.  You'll notice a couple of press releases a day or two ago and Mike has a screener for one of them headed his way any day now (you'll have to wait to find out which one, but you might be able to guess if you know anything about Mike).  Joseph also has a few movies he'll be looking at soon, so expect a few nice surprises from him as well.

ITEM! Twenty Twenty-Two isn't starting out too nicely - a lot of celebs have passed away in the past couple of weeks and we here at Uphill Both Ways will miss all of them. 

ITEM! We saw this on Facebook and knew we needed to repost it here:

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