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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Bookmobile

In the latest episode, Joseph and Mike talked about visiting the bookmobile.
In case you've never had the experience, here's what they looked like:
An old derelict Bookmobile
They could - and did - vary in appearance depending on where they were operated and who was funding it. Sometimes they were converted old school buses, but most often they looked similar to this fella. You can tell by the yellow and brown color scheme that this was most likely from the 70s.

As for the interior:
There's got to be something worth reading in here somewhere.
This is a view looking from the front towards the back.  You would check your stuff out at the little station in the very back.  Again, not every bookmobile was laid out exactly like all of the others, but this is a pretty good look at the general layout you'd see.

Did you ever visit your local bookmobile?  Let us know!

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