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Sunday, September 4, 2022

UBW Top 100 Horror Movies: A Taste of Things to Come (Part 2)

We're very excited to release our upcoming Top 100 Horror Movies list. So excited, in fact, that we've decided to offer a bonus to everyone in the form of number 101-105 each week until October when we'll release 25 films each week with the top ranked batch the week before Halloween.
Now then, here is number 104.


Phantom Of The Opera (1925)

It's just a jump to the left...

Director: Rupert Julian
Starring: Lon Chaney; Norman Kerry; Mary Philbin
A classic if there ever was a classic, of that there’s no argument. The first time you saw Christine pop the mask off of The Phantom’s face you probably shrieked just a little, but let’s be honest… What IS up for debate, at least as far as we’re concerned, is how much horror there really is beyond Lon Chaney’s grotesquely magnificent makeup. Maybe here, in the 21st century watching a movie that is almost 100 years old, we’re a bit jaded and maybe that’s why this Universal Monster didn’t crack the top 100.

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